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What are the differences between gabion nets and hexagonal nets?

Mar. 16, 2023

Gabion mesh and hexagonal mesh are usually distinguished by materials and manufacturing methods. Some people say that the gabion net is not made of hexagonal net? Then you're only partly right. There is a kind of gabion net that is indeed made of hexagonal net deep processing. Then I will first introduce what is a hexagonal net, and then introduce what is a gabion net.

   Hexagonal mesh is made of high-quality metal wire (the reason why it is called metal wire is that it is divided into many types, such as high-carbon steel wire, low-carbon steel wire is iron wire, hot-dip galvanized wire, cold-dip galvanized wire, dipped wire, PVC wire of.) It is twisted and woven by a twisted net machine. So it is also commonly known as twisted flower net. Hexagonal mesh, as the name suggests, is a wire mesh with hexagonal mesh. It is divided into: three-twisted hexagonal net and five-twisted hexagonal twisted flower net. Hexagonal nets can be further processed into gabion nets, and can also be used for hanging nets on hillsides, for raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fences, for the protection of mechanical equipment, highway guardrails, fences for sports venues, road green belts Fence mesh. In short, the application of hexagonal net is particularly extensive.

   There are also many types of gabion nets, such as: deep processing of hexagonal nets into box-shaped cages for holding stones, that is, hexagonal gabion nets. There are also welded gabion nets made from deep processing of welded wire mesh, and chain link gabion nets made from deep processing of chain link fence. Gabion net is made of hexagonal net (chain link fence or welded net) into a box-like container, and the cage is filled with rocks, etc., which can be used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, road bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering Engineering is a good material for flood control and flood fighting.

   Although the main materials for processing gabion nets are hexagonal nets, chain link fences and welded wire meshes, most of them are hexagonal nets. So people often think that hexagonal mesh and gabion mesh are the same thing. actually not. Hexagonal gabion net is just one of the deep processing products of hexagonal net. And hexagonal mesh is only one of the main materials for processing gabion mesh.