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How to solve the failure of the use of conveyor belt

Mar. 28, 2023

All manufacturers must have high corrosion resistance along with their production. The selection of high-quality technical equipment can help the conveyor belt to run better. No matter how good the conveying equipment is, there will be failures. How can we solve these obstacles? Today, YHY will analyze for you:

1. If the stainless steel mesh belt of the chain deviates, do not adjust it quickly. Doing so will damage the edge of the stainless steel mesh belt. At this time, the shaft should be tightened;

2. If there is vibration, you should check whether the conveying shelf has returned, and make corresponding adjustments according to the actual situation.

3. If the stainless steel conveyor mesh belt has chain skipping and the working speed is unstable, it is necessary to observe whether there is a problem with the sprocket at both ends of the shaft, and whether the sprocket is excessively worn. If it is, it must be replaced. , do not affect the rotation of the metal conveyor belt. The metal conveyor belt is the main equipment accessory for conveying. When using it, it is necessary to check whether there are corresponding problems, and if there is, it must be solved in time.

Therefore, when we choose metal conveyor belts, we must choose regular manufacturers to produce them, so that we can buy used products.