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The Past and Present of Photovoltaic Leading Bases

Mar. 14, 2023

The design of the spiral ground pile was inspired by the screw. It was not used in the photovoltaic industry at first. It was first used in the fixing of beach tents and the foundation of western courtyard fences. It is called variously, including ground nails, ground anchors, and spiral ground piles. At that time, the spiral ground piles were very small and did not require equipment to be driven in. They only needed a piece of rebar to rotate into the ground. Later, with the development of photovoltaics, the spiral ground pile was enlarged, which also increased the difficulty. It required professional equipment to drive in. Because it is widely used in photovoltaics, it is called photovoltaic spiral ground pile, or directly called photovoltaic ground pile.

    In fact, it is more appropriate to call photovoltaic spiral ground piles, because photovoltaic ground piles include special-shaped photovoltaic ground piles such as spiral ground piles, photovoltaic pre-embedded steel piles, and cement prefabricated piles. In short, there are more and more types of photovoltaic ground piles. In terms of appearance, the spiral ground piles have developed a variety of styles, including double-blade spiral piles, continuous twisted dragon piles, and large-diameter and large-bladed twisted dragon spiral piles. , single blade spiral ground pile, etc.