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What are the functions of chain link fence?

Mar. 09, 2023

Stadium fences usually see green chain link fence fences, which adopt a frame structure and are relatively high in height. Stadium fence net, chain link fence fence, barbed wire fence products commonly used in sports venues. What are the functions of chain link fence?

The appearance style of the stadium fence mostly adopts frame structure, the frame is made of round tubes, and the columns are usually made of round tubes. The thickness and diameter of the round tubes are made according to user requirements.

Chain link mesh has the characteristics of strong flexibility and is easy to install. On the basis of ensuring firmness and durability, the flexibility of the chain link fence is well preserved, which is the characteristic that distinguishes it from other barbed wire fences.

The size of the overall size of the stadium fence net, the size of the chain link fence mesh, and the thickness of the column and the frame. The stadium fence net is used for the fence of basketball courts, playgrounds, badminton courts, track and field venues, golf practice nets and other venues.