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The Advantage Of Our Wave Deer Fence Products ?

Dec. 14, 2018

The Advantage Of Our Wave Deer Fence Products?

On the basis of the ordinary Field fence, an advanced pressure wave process is adopted, and one or two deep 12 mm wide and 40 mm bends are pressed on each mesh of the horizontal wire.T his kind of technology makes the mesh surface flatter and effectively enhances the elasticity of the mesh surface. It alleviates the deformation of the mesh surface caused by thermal expansion and contraction in areas with large climate change in winter and summer. Since the ripple increases the cushioning force of the mesh surface, the mesh surface can automatically return when the beast hits.

There are different types of the  knot  can be made.  We can make it according to customers request. The Hinge Joint Knots and the Fixed Knots have difference advanced. The hinge joint knots is the most common knot in agricultural fencing. The Fixed Knots fence increasing the fence’s vertical strength allowing for increased post spacing and making it very resistant to animal damage. The stay wire and the line wire can be adjusted.  It can make to be a few wires or more wires according to the farmland request. For example, if your only for Person proof you just can choose the bigger line wire distance. If you need proof the small animals get through, then you can choose with more lines wire and the vertical wire distance can be smaller too.

The fence also can make customized, you can tell us your requirements then we can design the suitable fence for you. Please check the Photos it is the one we made for our customers from  New Zealand, they want the more strength of the edge wire, so we use the double wire to make the Edge of the field fence, it has more high tensile avoiding the animals attacked the fence.