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Specific use of metal mesh decoration

May. 10, 2023

Metal decorative mesh has a wide range of applications and remarkable decorative effects. It has once become the new favorite of mainstream architectural art. With the advancement of architectural decoration technology, architectural materials emerge from time to time. As a representative of professional and environmentally friendly new materials in the industry, architectural metal decorative mesh has attracted widespread attention in the industry. The products have gradually matured and can be implemented in iconic architectural decoration projects. , and gradually move towards the international market.

        Metal decorative mesh can be used as building facades, partitions, ceilings, sunshades, balconies and corridors, exterior decoration of columns, roller blinds, stair passages, and high-end interior decoration of restaurants, offices, exhibition halls, shops, etc., mainly used in hotels, hotels, Decoration of opera houses, exhibition halls, airport stations, office buildings, restaurants and other places.

        The characteristic of the metal decorative mesh is that it is not limited by the size of the space, the installation is cumbersome, and it will produce a very mysterious effect with the lighting, which has a strong sense of modernity. It can be said that the structure is beautiful, strong and durable. Metal decorative mesh can be processed into a unique color. These colored metal decorative mesh are made of different texture materials and different treatment methods. In addition to retaining the function of metal, it is also easy to maintain, and its smooth surface is easy to clean. Better meet the designer's request for style and personality.