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How can the fence net be more durable and have a long service life

May. 12, 2023

The guardrail is made of high-quality steel mesh, which is a product made of fully automatic cross-welding. The welding points of the guardrail are very regular, without any damage, and the use strength is excellent. Its surface has undergone safe anti-corrosion treatment. The anti-corrosion treatment method is to choose PE or PVC dipping method. Using this kind of technical treatment method, it can wrap the surface of the adsorption product in an all-round way. The treated guardrail It is extremely anti-corrosion, and this material is non-toxic and harmless, with the best anti-corrosion properties, anti-aging, anti-sun, and high and low temperature resistance. If the guardrail product is installed in an outdoor environment, its lifespan can be as high as 5-10 years of use time.

This product has anti-corrosion effect, can resist ultraviolet radiation, and its mesh surface has very strong impact resistance. The guardrail has high strength, strong steel, and a particularly beautiful appearance. The installation of the guardrail can open up the area and has more advantages than the fence. This kind of equipment is simple and practical, and it can be used in various places.

This kind of high-quality fence net is a very good protective facility. It can completely replace the use of the fence. It has more installation advantages than the fence, and it is cheap and easy to install.

The use of guardrail netting is very extensive. Guardrails must be installed on roads, railways or highways. Guardrails need to be installed on farms, guardrails must be installed on construction sites, guardrails must be installed on various machinery, various electrical appliances, and protection of residential windows. . Therefore, guardrails are used in various fields and are the most ideal safety protection facilities that can replace walls.