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How to use glass fiber self-adhesive tape

Apr. 11, 2023

Many house decorations use glass fiber self-adhesive tapes, so do you know how to use glass fiber self-adhesive tapes? Glass fiber white adhesive tape manufacturers will tell you how to use them.

1. Keep the wall clean and dry.

2. Put tape on the crack and press it tightly.

3. Confirm that the seam barrier has been covered by the tape, then cut off the tape with a knife, and finally apply mortar.

4. Let it dry naturally, and then lightly polish.

5. Fill enough paint to make the surface smooth.

6. Cut off the leaking tape. Then, notice that all the joints have been properly repaired, and use a fine compound to touch up around the joints to make them look like new.

Glass fiber mesh cloth is based on glass fiber woven fabric, which is coated with high molecular weight and liquid immersion. Therefore, it has good alkali resistance, flexibility and high tensile strength in warp and weft, and can be widely used

Insulation, waterproof, anti-type, etc. for the inner and outer walls of buildings.

The glass fiber mesh cloth is mainly alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth. It is made of medium-free alkali-free glass fiber yarn (the main component is silicate, which has good chemical stability) and is twisted and woven with a special organizational structure-leno tissue.

Afterwards, it is subjected to high-temperature heat-setting treatment such as anti-alkali solution and reinforcing agent.