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How to improve the service life of the hinge joint fence?

Apr. 13, 2023

Niulan Mesh can customize the hole width, hole height, silk warp, material, mesh width, etc. according to the actual needs of customers. Our factory can recommend products with reasonable prices according to your requirements.

How to increase the service life of the cattle fence is a headache for herdsmen. The appearance of the cattle fence has long-term benefits and good news for the herdsmen and their living environment, which not only reduces the burden of grazing, but also directly improves our living environment.

The desertification is too serious, and there are often sandstorms in our air, but the appearance of the cattle fence enables the grassland herdsmen to graze in a planned way. For the herdsmen, how to choose and buy the cattle fence is also a difficult problem. The wind and sand are particularly strong, and the sun is also particularly strong. The reason why herdsmen require the quality of the cattle fence nets to be particularly good, able to withstand the sun and wind. Therefore, when choosing a bullpen net, it is required to be made of hot-dip galvanized zinc wire. Hot-dip galvanizing is a surface treatment method that can increase the corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and increase the risk of death. Bearing capacity, the higher the zinc content in the cattle fence, the more durable and longer the life. Therefore, we suggest that herdsmen should look at the zinc content in the cattle fence.

         The price advantage of the cattle fence is reflected in its advantages of high customization and material saving.

The bullpen net machinery can minimize the generation of waste in the production process. There is no wire end and no waste in the production process. The previous galvanized gaskets are eliminated at the joints. The twisting method is more firm and not easy to slide, and the cost is also reduced.

In the past, fence netting had high requirements for silk quality. Bullpen netting can be woven with various materials such as galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire, and redrawn iron wire. It can produce high, medium, low-grade and different types of products. lower product.

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