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What should be paid attention to when the expanded mesh is transported and packaged

Jan. 13, 2023

The transportation of expanded metal is a very important link. During the transportation process, there are many unknown factors that will damage the expanded metal and bring inconvenience to the use of expanded metal. When loading and transporting, it is necessary to put the same size and model numbers together and pack them well to ensure the stability of the expanded metal mesh during transportation, and to prevent problems such as falling, friction, scratches, and deformation due to improper placement.

Pay attention to the following points when transporting and packing expanded metal mesh:

1. The lower part of the expanded metal packaging is padded with wooden squares, fastened with twisted square steel and fasteners, which is convenient for forklift loading and unloading.

2. For the exported steel mesh, because the square wood has the risk of insect disease transmission, it must abide by the laws and regulations of the destination country, and the square wood can be replaced by channel steel or plywood. Expanded mesh is a variety in the metal screen industry. Also known as expanded metal mesh, rhombus mesh, iron expanded mesh, metal expanded mesh, heavy-duty expanded mesh, pedal mesh, punched aluminum expanded mesh, stainless steel expanded mesh, granary mesh, antenna mesh, filter mesh, audio mesh, etc. The specific packaging requirements can be negotiated by both parties.

3. When hoisting, do not use the twisted square steel or flat steel of the expanded metal mesh as the lifting point, which will damage the expanded metal mesh. The bottom of the package should be used as the lifting position. Climbing frame protective net slope protection steel mesh is a new type of "reinforced mesh" that replaces the reinforcement mesh in the foundation pit slope protection construction project. Compared with ordinary steel mesh, the steel mesh used for slope protection has a higher tensile strength. , The overall structure is firm, light in weight, convenient in construction and low in price.

Requirements for loading and unloading:

1. Expanded steel mesh bearing flat steel and edge-wrapped flat steel have high strength only in the height direction of the expanded metal mesh, and unreasonable lateral force will lead to deformation or damage. Stainless steel expanded metal mesh is widely used in the construction of roads, railways, civil buildings, water conservancy, etc., various machinery, electrical appliances, window protection and aquaculture, etc. Various special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. It is recommended to use nylon lifting belt for lifting and unloading. If steel wire rope is used for hoisting, care should be taken to protect the flat steel at the edge of the expanded metal mesh to prevent permanent deformation or damage to the outer side of the expanded metal mesh.

3. If a forklift is used for loading and unloading, the fork tines should be prevented from severely impacting (shocking) the outer flat steel of the expanded metal mesh.

4. Considering the convenience of acceptance and installation, please put the side with the sign and steel number on the side where it is easy to see. Do not cause loose packages during loading and unloading, and do not stack them randomly.