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What netting is better for the small-sized animal fence?

Jul. 03, 2020

What netting is better for the small-sized animal fence?

Small-sized animal fence, of course, the hexagonal wire mesh is the wire mesh your right choice, use it very convenient, not need you to have special technology, it has very strong corrosion-resistant, and bad weather resistant ability, and it can bear a wide range of deformation, and still not collapsing.


Galvanized big wire gauge hexagonal wire mesh is made of high-quality low carbon steel wire weaving, the tensile strength of the steel wire shall not be less than 35kg/m2, the diameter of steel wire can up to 2.0mm-4.0mm, the surface of steel wire usually be protected by the hot-dipped galvanized coating, the thickness of the galvanized coating can be made as per the customer’s request. 


Galvanized plastic coated hexagonal net is made by the PVC layer attached to the galvanized iron wire’ surface and then wave into various specifications hexagonal netting. The PVC will greatly increase the hexagonal net service life, and by choosing a different color to match the surrounding natural environment. It can play the role, to fix heat and heat insulation effect, excellent technology basis to guarantee the uniformity of zinc coating, corrosion resistance stronger, the hexagonal wire mesh will be your right choice.