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What is a Stainless Steel Crowd Barrier

Sep. 15, 2022

Stainless steel crowd barrier is a kind of guardrail facility. Stainless steel guardrail is a very common fence product in life. Stainless steel guardrail is usually used for road construction, traffic control and activity isolation of stations (airports), etc. The main function of stainless steel guardrail is Maintain traffic order and stability.

Stainless steel guardrails are widely used indoors and outdoors, but different styles of stainless steel guardrails are used in different environments. Stainless steel guardrails are generally divided into municipal stainless steel crowd barriers, reflective film stainless steel crowd barriers, and riot-proof stainless steel crowd barriers.

Stainless steel crowd barrier size General mesh length and width: 1.2x2m 1x1.5m Mobile guardrail net, steel pipe welding mobile guardrail Steel pipe diameter: outer pipe: 32mm 38mm vertical pipe: 19mm 25mm Pipe wall thickness: 0.5mm-1.5mm

Colors are generally white, black, yellow-black, red and white, etc. can be customized according to requirements

The stainless steel guardrail is novel in style, easy to install, road barrier, can be used as a fence, flexible movement, light and fast installation, can be installed without any road construction by crane, stainless steel steel pipe welded mobile guardrail.

It has the following characteristics:

1. High strength and long life

The stainless steel crowd barrier has the characteristics of high strength, no rust, longer life, etc. It is suitable for a wide range, unique structural design, variety of isolation fences, and beautiful appearance, suitable for power station isolation. Simple installation, convenient maintenance, easy cleaning, economical and maintenance-free.

2. Good flexibility

The good flexibility of stainless steel guardrail, the rigidity and flexibility of the base material make the guardrail products have better impact resistance. It is widely used in power plant protection, community, courtyard, school, factory and other building walls.

3. Easy to insert advertisements

The insertion of stainless steel guardrail advertisements is convenient, and the position of advertisements can be changed arbitrarily, which can be well coordinated with the surrounding environment.