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What are the advantages of coal mine support net?

May. 18, 2023

Coal mine support net, also known as coal mine graticule net, mine support net, coal mine protection net, has high tensile strength, smooth mesh surface, not easy to loosen, and the safety factor has reached the national standard. First of all, it is used for artificial false roofs in coal mines, which can reduce the cost of storing coal and save lead chambers. It has become a new technology promoted by my country's coal industry. It has also been promoted and used in protective dams and fence breeding. A new type of material that acts as a reinforcement.

Coal mine support nets have strong protection functions, and can be applied to landfill closed nets, warehouse interception nets, workshop interception nets, industrial field guardrails, agricultural development zone interception nets, residential quarter fences, etc. Factory partitions and warehouse barriers are used to divide the working areas of different workshops to effectively improve work.

The role of steel wire mesh in floor heating Fixing pipes: lay wire mesh on the surface of the heat insulation layer, and fix the pipes with nylon ropes. It is characterized by fast construction speed, accurate position, and good function of the entire pipeline equipment. Only by strengthening part of the internal force of the ground can a large room be built on the day of loading clean water on the floors of processing plants, garages, etc. With strong connectivity, stability, strong defense, simple construction, and high safety performance, it has been designated as a special network for coal mine tunnel protection by my country's coal mine gate.

Both vertical and horizontal directions have strong bearing capacity. Plastic nets treated by pressure and positional stretching process, the molecular structure is equivalent to a reorientation. The tensile strength of the material is equivalent to 2-3 times that before stretching. The ribs formed by biaxial stretching are perpendicular to each other. This structure can ensure that the pressure applied to the grid is effectively transmitted to the surrounding ribs through the nodes, thus greatly improving the overall pressure capacity of the grid. Therefore, the tendon is not easy to rupture. And this kind of plastic mesh is not woven, but biaxially stretched, so the variation of mesh worms is small, and the mesh size is uniform, which can effectively prevent coal balls from falling, so the coal mine support mesh can effectively protect the safety of underground workers and mines. The safe and smooth operation of the car.

Coal is easy to clean. The density of the coal mine support net is between 0.89 and 0.91, which is less than that of water. During the coal washing process, the broken towers float in the water and are easy to clean. The coal mine support net is mainly used for the artificial false roof of the coal mine, which reduces the cost of storing coal and saves lead wires. The coal mine support net solves the problem of the process support net or the mechanical support net on the large roof. A convergence column is set in the middle of the bottom of the main board of the public gap guardrail, and a convergence hole is set in the middle of the convergence column. The notch matches the steel wire at the corner, and the edge vertical plate contacts the edge of the plastic chassis of the dog cage.