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New Kind Of Grassland Mesh

Sep. 28, 2018

New kind of grassland mesh

  Grassland fence is widely used in the Americas and Europe to prevent landslides and Maintain ecological balance. Especially in the rainy mountainous areas, sewing a layer of 120 g sunscreen nylon woven cloth on the outside of the net can block the outflow of mud sand, so it has developed very rapidly abroad in recent years. Displayed according to data that foreign countries began making it all by hand in 1943 and changed to semi-automatic production in 1953. Until four years later,  the fully automatic bullpen machine was born in Germany.

New deer net

New deer net

      Although the production of grassland mesh has been fully automated, the production technology of grassland fence has been continuously moving forward. Compared with the traditional grassland fence,the new grassland mesh adopted an advanced pressure wave process. When weaving the net, one or two deep 12mm wide and 40mm bends are pre-pressed on the wire between each grid, commonly known as "wave".This bend effectively enhances the mesh elasticity and cushioning force. It can not only alleviate the deformation of the mesh surface caused by thermal expansion and contraction in areas with large climate change in winter and summer, and can automatically return when there is a beast hitting the mesh surface.

New deer net

     The grassland fence is generally made of hot-dip galvanized wire. The amount of zinc on the ground is generally 60-100 grams per square meter. The requirements in wet areas are high,about 230 grams of wire is used. Recently, the area in Africa is also made of cold-galvanized wire.2T-3T mechanical pressure will be added during winding to ensure the smoothness of the mesh surface. To save the cost the mesh of the grassland online department is larger than the bottom, but it will not make the cubs go out.Compared with holland welded wire mesh, it avoids the defect of solder joint opening and closing.  

The grassland is mainly used for grassland construction in pastoral areas. It can be used to grassland construction, fixed grazing, and columns grazing. It can facilitate the planned use of grassland resources, effectively improve grassland utilization and grazing efficiency, prevent grassland degradation and protect the natural environment. At the same time, it is also suitable for farmers and herdsmen to establish family farms, set up border guards, farmland fences, forest nurseries, hillsides for afforestation, tourist areas and hunting areas, isolation and maintenance of construction sites.