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Application advantages of fiberglass mesh in the construction industry

May. 23, 2024

Advantages of fiberglass mesh construction for industrial use. The fiberglass mesh materials produced and processed by our mesh cloth manufacturer are widely used in large shopping malls of decorative building materials nowadays. Using top-grade fiberglass mesh materials can make you feel the best in industrial use. Its good advantages are incomparable with other materials.

Today, our factory's professional technicians are sharing with you the advantages of using fiberglass mesh materials in the construction industry. Fiberglass mesh can be seen everywhere in today's industry and construction, and glass fiber mesh can be seen everywhere in the industry and construction. Fiberglass mesh material is an excellent functional material used in many places nowadays. Fiberglass mesh material can effectively prevent wall cracking when used on old walls.

It has the function of structurally reinforcing walls and can be used very well in today's large shopping malls. Our manufacturer's fiberglass mesh materials can be used in current environmental protection engineering projects to provide safety protection and isolation. The fiberglass mesh material with strong tensile strength can be reused many times, is environmentally friendly and has zero pollution, and can have excellent use effects in today's workplaces. It is precisely because of its good advantages that it is widely used in various positions nowadays.

Mesh cloth is made of glass fiber. This kind of item is originally a hygroscopic item. It itself is made after being coated with glue and then baked. There should not be too much moisture in it. During transportation, During the process, if it experiences rainy days or a relatively humid environment, it will have a certain impact, and it can become very loose after absorbing moisture, and it has no tensile strength or shape.

Exterior wall mesh cloth is based on medium-alkali or medium-alkali fiberglass knitted fabric and treated with alkali-resistant coating. Also known as chemical fiber mesh, glass fiber mesh, alkali-resistant mesh. This product has high strength and good acid resistance. It plays an important structural role in the thermal insulation system and mainly prevents the occurrence of gaps.