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Filtration Mesh

Filter Discs and Wire Mesh Discs are made of stainless steel woven wire mesh and wire cloth. The material is AISI316L. Pack filters and wire mesh discs are mainly used in pharmacy, chemicals, chemical fibers, etc.Major filter materials available for pack filters and wire mesh discs: stainless steel woven wire cloth, stainless steel sintered web, ph

Detail description

Filter Mesh Shapes: round, rectangle elliptical, other shapes.

Disc filters are provided in different shapes: Single piece or multiple layered.

Marginal materials for disc filters: stainless steel, aluminum and nickel-plated copper.

Sizes: meeting customers' specific requirements. 

Wire diameter:0.025-2mm. Special could be customized.

Out Diameter: 75mm,100mm,200mm,300mm,350mm , 400mm etc.

Height: 3.5cm-10cm


Filter mesh for gas and liquid serves well in filtering and deleting the particle mixture in foam, liquid and air, by way of distillation, absorbing, evaporating and filtering process, in petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, machine, pharmaceuticals, automobile and environmental protection. 


Filtration Mesh

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